the excuisite photo booth experience

WEDDING PHOTO BOOTH Paris & ile-de-france

Do you want to give your wedding party a boost?

You want to make it an unforgettable event?

You want less conventional pictures with your guests?

You want to know what your guests were doing while you were at your mini couple photo session?


Meet Picturing Booth

Studio Strobe

The light counts a lot for us on your pictures! The Picturing Booth is fun, amusing, energetic, offbeat, but above all it remains for us a visual creation that we aim to offer you at its highest quality. That's why we opted for a real studio setup with a professional studio flash and an umbrella for a top result without compromise!

Professional Camera Gear

The camera used in the Picturing Booth is a full format DSLR camera that creates high definition files in raw format. This allows us to deliver very high quality photos, retouched, that you can use for prints, postcards, albums.

High Quality
Thermal Printing

Thermal printing on high quality real photo paper for prints that will last over time. The thickness of the paper and the quality of the printing of the colors will make your guests leave your wedding with a memory that will last in time enough to persevere preciously for them the memory of your wedding!

Online Gallery &

Social sharing

Picturing Booth is connected at all times and offers you the option to instantly share your photos on social networks and by email.

In addition, all of your photos will be available on an online gallery with protected access and downloadable for you and your guests.



What is a Photo Booth?


A Photo Booth is a stand-alone and self-use photo terminal that  automatically takes and prints pictures on the spot in only a few seconds. It is composed of the main terminal with the gear (light, camera, touch screen & printer) and the backdrop. People can use the provided props and take hilarious pictures in an effortless way.

Why have a Photo Booth at my wedding?


Where to start from? It's fun, highly-used, and thrilling for everyone ! Guests are free to let themselves go wild in front of the camera. It captures people candidly leading to many laughs and unique moments. It's the perfect ice breaker and a bonus activity that really brings the two families together! Having a Photo Booth at your event takes into consideration guests to have another way of amusement during the gathering instead of just sitting and waiting for the next course to come. It takes out the funniest side of your most serious guests and gets to loosen up the crimpiest of your oncles! It gives the opportunity to create memories and photos that you wouldn’t have in any other case. It’s  an interesting way to record the guests and their wishes to the happy couple. Plus it gives your guests priceless keepsakes, with pictures your guests can bring home.

But why having a Photo Booth when I have a photographer?


Because one does not exclude the other and simply because they provide a completely different type of photos. You definitely can’t replace your photographer at your wedding reception by a stand alone auto photo terminal. And it’s sure and certain that you want your photographer to capture a lot of precious moments of your reception, other than your aunts wearing funny sparkle glasses, don't you? 🧐

For how long will the Photo Booth run & when?


For a wedding the average rental time is 3-4 hours depending on the number of guests. For smaller weddings under 50 people, a 2 hour photo booth animation would be enough to get most guests captured. From the cocktail or the beginning of the dinner to the begging of the party is always a good choice to have the Photo Booth operating.

What makes Picturing Booth special?


I'm glad you asked! Our obsession to detail actually. We are photographers so we don't aim to just sell you another animation for your event. We really do care about the experience and the visual result at the same time. We don't just want you to have fun but blurry, dark, bad printed photos that won't last. We want you & your guests to have unique photos that you wouldn't had without a photo booth. We want them to be awesome. That's why our Photo Booth is meticulously thought and designed with high quality studio flash lighting, thermal printing, operating on Mac and with professional camera gear!

What's included in every package?


​Every package comes with:

Delivery and set-up, unlimited photos taken in the booth, a touch screen interface, social sharing, high end photo gear equipment, a wide variety of props, a choice of backdrops, an online web gallery with all the pictures uploaded.

Let's do it!