4 Things to NOT do to your wedding photographer


# 1 Treat your photographer as your personal assistant

Ask him/her to run errands, put on boutonnieres, direct people to the ceremony/reception, etc.

Your photographer may be by your side all day and has a lot of experience with weddings, but he/she is there to create memories for you, your loved ones, and the generations to come and nothing else; he is not your personal assistant.

# 2 Forget to provide a meal for your photographer (if the photo coverage exceeds six hours)

After 6, 10, or even 12 hours of non-stop shooting, carrying heavy equipment and following you around, it is only normal for your photographer to need something to eat and drink. Don't forget to talk to your wedding planner or caterer about this. However, it is very important that your photographer always keeps track of what is going on, even during those 30 minutes of his/her meal. So ask your caterer to set up your photographer in a table to the action so that they can monitor and intervene if necessary and not in a hidden place backstage.

# 3 Ask your photographer to shoot for an extra hour or two and hope it's free or at the same price

Wedding photographers know and understand that it is not easy to stick to the plan on a wedding day and that there can be delays for many different reasons. But this does not mean that your photographer has to accommodate these delays beforehand so that he/she will be there unconditionally until your wedding schedule is met. He/she has a contract to honor, and the same applies to the couple, so in case you need him/her beyond the agreed upon hours, you should talk to him/her about it in order to find the best solution for all.

# 4 Leave the payment for the end of the day

You have agreed to pay the rest of the amount due to your photographer by check on the day of the wedding. Don't forget to do so at the beginning of the day, during your preparations for example. Ask someone close to you to remind you and take care of it within a specific time frame at the beginning of the day. In this way, one more thing will be done and you won't have to worry about it later. At the end of the day, you'll be tired, a little drunk, if not from all the alcohol surely from happiness and love đź’• , and you certainly won't be in the mood to leave the party to go get that check and pay your photographer before she/he leaves. And it's certainly not fun for your photographer either, who has to check his/her equipment, pack his bags and leave to continue working from home that same night to save and secure your photos, to run after you during the party to get paid.