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Tips & Tricks 30/03/2019 How to keep safe your pictures forever
Even if today it's much easier than before, to take instantly, at any time, as many photos and videos of your everyday life you want, losing them is as frustrating as it has always been. And if losing the photo of your last meal can be something that you will fast overcome, what if one ...
News 16/03/2019 Paris Fashion Week 2019
  So it’s Paris and it’s the Fashion Week. I was asked to cover the Fashion Week in a street style fashion photography way.  First show attending: Christian Dior!   I took my camera, some lighting equipment with a couple of lenses, my one and only battery and a memory card. I walked from my ...
Tips & Tricks 05/02/2019 How to make-up for a shooting
I always encourage my clients to see a professional makeup artist before a shooting. A pro knows how to apply makeup for the best results on camera, for example he/she can perfectly match the foundation with the concealer and blend them with the skin tone. A pro also knows how to contour in order to ...
Tips & Tricks 18/01/2019 What NOT to wear in a photo shooting
Tops with big logos or a lot of writing on them. Keep it clean and classy. Shirts with short hemlines and mid-drifts. Super short skirts Avoid exact matching outfits. Try to look coordinated, not matching. White shirts and jeans don’t have much personality. Don’t over-accessorize. TIP: Take the time to try-on the clothes that you ...
Quotes I like 10/01/2019
The only thing we can be sure that every photograph is telling, is that it's says at least one lie
My prof at the uni Paul-Louis Rouber
Tips & Tricks 20/12/2018 5 mistakes that make your wedding photos look bad
Messy rooms Photography is heavily based on the composition and the framing. Wedding preparations on the other hand are usually messy situations. If you are renting a hotel for your preparations you have a lot of stuff with you; everything you will need the next day or even the whole weekend, your mom’s shoes, your ...
Tips & Tricks 06/11/2018 Photo, Video or both for my wedding?
When organizing your wedding and you are trying to choose between all the options and services that you are offered (and the expenses that come with them!), it’s certain that you will have to set priorities and choose one over the other. In this context you might find yourself caught up at the “photography, videography ...
Tips & Tricks 08/10/2018 Worst things you can do to your wedding photographer!
Treating the photographer as a personal assistant (asking to run errands, put on boutonnieres, direct people to the ceremony/reception, etc.)  Your photographer may be all day by your side and she/ he has a lot of experience on weddings but he is there to take your photos and all that has to do with that; ...
Tips & Tricks 09/05/2018 How to choose your wedding photographer
1. Do your reasearch! It’s really important to do a little research about the photography styles and approaches that are out there to think about what you may like. Do you like documentary wedding photography? Do you like a candid, photojournalistic approach or do you prefer a more formal and structured look?  Would you consider ...